Insert Clever Title Here

I fought for freedom
And freedom fought back
Yelling “Too soon! Too soon!”

I cried to the skies
To shine a little light
And they rewarded me with the moon

I glanced in the mirror
And asked “who am I”
Found myself viewing a window instead

To find all that I was
Is all I can be
When I move into the world ahead

The doors screamed PUSH
In fluorescent red
So I pulled to heart’s content

looked in envy
As others could easily glide
Through exit and entrance

My eyes were big
My hunger more so
I searched my cabinets for a chance

The hope’s expired
The drive is spoiled
And dreams deflated once again

My soul growls
Calling to be filled
Not yet ready to settle down

But waves of loneliness
Crest from falling tears
Drowning out its sound

Immobilized in fear
My muscles lax
Grown use to my idle bones

I silently await
For the moment to spring
Not noticing the moments’ gone

The sun still hid
The clouds did cover
Tucking away any stray rays

I’d build an ark
To ride the storm
For it rains many a days

Again I notice
With pressing purpose
Others simply stride over the waves

How come I
Can’t float as free
Instead of waiting for the weather to change

I’m always caught
Soaked and somber
Or even high and dry

But I know I can’t afford
To waste another second
Of this already short life

Now the moon
With such short light
Causes the waters to thrash

Tossing me
From can to can’t
Tempting my ark to crash

The waters flood
But I steady rise
I know that I won’t drown

So I put on
My boxing gloves
Preparing to go a round

I fought for freedom
And freedom fought back
Yelling “Too late! Too late”

But with life in limb
And breath in core
I yell “I will win you today!”


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