The Invisibility Cloak

An invisible man speaks
And his voice is lost in the wind
The fog from his words coil around oblivious heads which warrant no curiosity
The white is seen
But never registered

An invisible man slumps through the snow
Leaving footprints behind like those in the sand
But no one ever wonders who has carried whom
Or whom has been carried
The drifts slowly settle into his treks
Leaving no trace behind
No reference from whence he came or to where he goes
He knows not how to return
He wonders if he has ever left his mark
On the paths of those whom he has crossed

An invisible man’s speech holds coins but warrants no dollars
Can save a soul but can’t make you shout and holler
Will make you think but never sweat
Are quickly consumed by those who soon forget
He wearies of words he feels are wasted
And vows to never speak again
But finds his voice is needed
Even just for the comfort of having himself as a listening companion

An invisible man knows his worth in his eyes
Holds his pride in his stride
And his sadness on his shoulders
His anger in his hands
His love at his feet
But his life seems to be outside his realm
He has been born and may be born again
Two came together to make one
But he has been born alone and has borne alone
He often wonders if this is what life truly is

An invisible man sleeps with no rest to be found
Wakes with no start to begin
He cannot tell the hours or the days
To him they all roll into one
Who can find the time
When it never seems worth the while
Moments seep through and elude his grasp
His desperate clinging
His exasperated release

An invisible man cries to an invisible God
That His visible creations may see
They look around and above
All but directly at
And he goes unnoticed again
He and God have become kindred spirits
He has never felt so alone and discarded
Even in the company of one who has felt the same

Even amidst the disappointment
Astride the dismal dismissal
An invisible man is ironically always visible
To someone who feels invisible as well
When he looks up to meet the eyes of another
Holding him in their view as to say
It is always the unseen who notices another
Who reminds him that he is never truly alone in loneliness


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