Rainy Day Thoughts Pt. 2

On my daily commute I look at all the other cars in traffic
And I wonder where their destinations are
Where are they driving to?
Work, like myself
School, perhaps
Golfing with old money
Breakfast with old friends?
The same for houses I pass by
With their cracked blinds or open shutters
I can still see lingering Christmas trees that are living past their primes
Televisions with blurry pictures
Lamps giving off dull shades of lighting
Or dining room tables that are simply for decor
And I mull over what the occupants might be doing at that moment
What do they do in their spare time
Single bachelor pads or a family space?
And for some reason these thoughts always hurt
Because I am always wondering what it is like to not be me
Or looking for a life that is different from my own
Maybe, I am just afraid that they might have it


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