Title…of some sort…

How wrong a deed against the kindest heart
How harsh the world can be
To sully even the softest hands
And bitter a heart so sweet

The burdens borne by the gentle
The advantages of the weak
The smiles that fade into deep sadness
Tears down dimpled cheeks

A love so vague and nonexistent
Alone this pain is clear
To know no means of the worth of self
To have no one who is dear

A cold wind to chill a broken soul
A dowsing rain to drown out the sun
A wishing for the next days beginning
When the current has just begun

And lifting up the head and even the voice
To ask why is such to be
What more can this life heap upon
The little it thinks of me

And struggling just to say a prayer
A word into the night
Laying down with little of a care
So much so a fright

And thunder roared and lightning struck
Illuminating through windows panes
And gentle as a new borns skin
A voice beneath the rain

Assuring of the ever presence
Even when doubt attempts to crowd
How funny is was to hear Him so softly
When the world can be so loud

And the pressure felt of a hand resting upon
The very crown of the head
And peace the key to free the heart
Where fear had once began

And the sun did not shine nor the rainbow flow
Still the storm echoed on
But even still, the strength remained
And peace had found its home


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