Thought stream

A Facebook friend posted a suicide note.
And I kept reloading my browser in hopes that at some point he would comment that he had changed his mind
And after 30 comments and no word from him someone finally commented that he had been found and unsuccessful in his attempt.
That his parents were on the way to the university for him. I don’t have a poem to write about that or any eloquent language to use. I’m virtually at a complete loss for words. It’s so many hurting people on this world. So many scarred and bruised people that it can just feel overwhelming like is no one out there happy? We’re all working towards some abstract goal of happiness but really what is it? And why are so many falling short of the goal? Anyway, I’m completely glad that he wasn’t successful in his suicide attempt but I just hope that he doesn’t regret being unsuccessful. That after surviving and living, that he finds what he feels is worth living for.


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