I should pay someone to write titles…

I used to hang on to the idea that I was a complicated person
With a complicated character
And was never meant to deeply understand myself
A mistake on my part, to label myself as such
If truth be told we would all be a little complicated
If defined by our ever evolving persona
And as long as we are complicated and believe we will never be able to understand who we are or why we are
We never will
Only because we are made to adapt to our lives
To grow or shrink to fit into the slots which we deem destined
It does not make me complicated as much as it makes me multifaceted
A quilt of some sort
built with the patchworks of today and tomorrow
Threaded by yester-years
Designed with a purpose that sometimes upon outward observation
Has too many patterns and colors
A clash, seemingly
When really I am just a mix of many things which piece into a finished whole
I am who I am
And I am growing more to accept myself
A tad more work than I would have bargained for but no easy route to a grand prize
But how freeing it is to live and to be without the excuse and disguise of simply being complicated


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