Debbie Downer

We are a generation of kids who were always told it will get better
The phrase repeated like a scratch has prevented the record from moving forward
It rolls easily off of the tongue doesn’t it?
It requires a small supply of effort to say now
A bit generic and off brand it’s become as it ages
Always the chosen “pick me up” to a fresh let down with the stale taste of sitting on the shelf a little too long
Alright, alright
I get it already
It will get better
We have been born into “it will get better”
Nursed under it
Raised with it
Grown alongside it
Waited for the manifestation there of only to find ourselves asking when?
We strive for it
Work for it
Stress over it
But when?
Will we die waiting
Raising the next generation on our disappointments
On our stored up “it will get better”
Like passing on canned hope from our pantries
I wonder what’s the shelf life
How long can it hold
Because, quite frankly, we are still waiting for the better


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