This is a Post about Nothing…Really

I’ve been reading “If You Feel Too Much” by Jamie Tworkowski (If you’ve never read it before I strongly recommend it. It’s not just a good read, it’s a very beautiful book) and it basically has stirred up old feelings for storytelling. In my opinion I am a mediocre writer. That’s probably the same opinion of some other folks too…BUT I think I’m a mildly less mediocre storyteller. Very mildly less. I’m almost talking water mild. So I think I’m going to start putting up random stories. They’ll be borderline diary entries in format and style (which really makes me wonder how long I’ll keep this up because I’ve never kept a diary for more than 2 weeks. I don’t have a life, guys. At some point all I can do is doodle in it). If you follow me, I pity you (actually, I already do. What’s wrong with you people!!!) I’ll be doing the first entry thingy ma jig tonight once my nails dry and I fight off this spirit of laziness. Until then RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!


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