English 101

I hope that I spell all of my words correctly
And use proper punctuation
I hope that my grammar is without error
That I have dotted every I and crossed every T
And that my speech is void of too much slang
that I sound educated enough
I hope my introductions are attention grabbing
My endings breath taking
I hope that I sound witty and intelligent
But concise and straightforward
That I leave fillers out to maintain your attention
I hope to say all of the right things in the right way
So that you have no excuse
To ignore what my words mean


5 thoughts on “English 101

      1. I’ve had a few people make it their business to private message me about grammatical errors. I’m like ok, am I bein graded or is this MY BLOG. Was the content great? Did it hold your attention? If so then dont give me a full on lecture about a mistake between loose and lose. Lolol..


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