The Finale and The Intro

I’ll be doing a longer post tonight but I just wanted to post that I told the boss that my last day would be September 11. I tried this before and I was filled with so much anxiety that I cried myself to sleep with worry. I ended up telling him I changed my mind. But this time I don’t feel that much worry. Yea I’m wondering about money but I’ve got a little emergency money I saved up. But I I think the timing is better. Or maybe I’m just tired of being tired. Either way, I’m a lot more ready for my final day at work. As I said, as of now I have no definite plans (like going back to school, moving out of state, or starting at a pre-arranged job) but it still feels so freeing. It’s feels like the beginning of something other than unemployment lol I can’t really describe it. Let’s see if I’ll be saying that some weeks in though….I could just be an excited fool lol


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