The Continuum: Nothing, the…Three-quel????

First off, is there an official word for the third edition of something? Secondly, I ended up getting a new phone that I have absolutely no idea how to navigate. I’m the type of person who isn’t technology savvy but I can push enough buttons to figure my way through it eventually. I still don’t know how to work my way through WordPress. This site is not gentle on slow learners. I’m also the type of person whose not about to use my laptop because laying in bed is so much easier, and it’s also simpler to use the mobile version (fewer buttons, less confusion, mo’ laziness). So if I’m not liking anyone’s posts or am late in liking a post, I apologize. And if my posts are weird, well weirder than usual, that’s a part of it as well. On the bright side I have a bigger screen (it’s a Galaxy S6. It really hurt me to buy it since I’m so cheap. I look at it with both dislike and affection) so my eye doctor can rest assured that my eye pressure will be lower at my next appointment….


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