Nada: The Spanish Thriller

I finally figured out how to partially work my phone.  Someone needs to show me how to turn off these flood warning notifications though. I almost swerved my car off the road trying to stop that blaring weather alert thing. And it wasn’t even raining, y’all…So I’m going to try to catch up on reading posts. I’ve got like 300 emails…I’m going through one of those dry spells where I don’t feel like writing and my brain can’t even think of what to write so I don’t know when I’ll be posting about anything other than nothing lol

On a more nothing-ish note, after 693 years I finally went to the doctor.  I hate doctors visits with my whole being. The least violating thing they do is take your blood.  Everything else is pure violation.  But it was funny because they had it freezing cold in there and the nurse asked if I wanted her to turn on the heater.  I told her no and almost said,  “nah, I’ve been naked in colder places than this. ” Partially untrue but it was pretty funny of me.  I’m made of comedy gold these days. But after you’ve lived in a college dorm and the whole building’s heat goes out for like 3 or 4 days… realize you have been naked in colder places. A private college mind you. Apparently that high tuition only guaranteed room and board. Not warm room and board. Never has there been a such a time in which I hated showering with such a passion…TMI.

Anyway,  the doctor didn’t ask me alot of questions and I didn’t know how to bring up the issues of depression and anxiety (which has been going completely untreated the whole time) so I basically wasted my visit *face palm *  this is why i need an adultier  adult to accompany me to important things lol at this point I dont even know what to do. But that’s neither here nor there. Aywhoza,  that’s all.  I didn’t originally start this blog to talk about my boring day to day life so I’ll spare you all any more details lol


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