The Temple

Do you believe this nose ring defiles me
The permanency of a tattoo defiles me
The hues of magenta on the crown of my head defile me?
You ask why, not truly desiring to know the answer
Your question only gives you reason for further response
“Don’t you know that you are a temple?”
You interject
It is difficult to be told that my body is a holy temple when others have laughed and sneered at it
Judged its size and color
Offered their unwarranted opinions
How so is it that this temple belongs to God
When others will not relinquish their control
Nothing I do to this body is of harm or destruction
I only wish to add my beauty to
And place upon it the trinkets of self love
Self discovery
Self fulfilment
As I evolve inwardly
It will evolve outwardly
I am still God’s temple
Unworthy with or without
A vessel yet and still
I think to myself without revealing to you
That I have done many things that defilie and desecrated the holiness thereof
But none of these are one


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