This is a post about…not posting…

That’s right. This isn’t really a post. I’m trying not to post so that I can concentrate on reading other people’s writing (which I obviously suck at) as well as finishing lyrics for two songs. This is my babbling about two things and two things only. So yes, it will be only a paragraph. FIRST, HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME THAT SHERLOCK HOLMES WAS A COCAINE ADDICT!?!? This is my first time reading his books so  I was completely unaware. (PS Amazon kindle has the full works for the freeeezy).  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because cocaine was quite the commodity back in the day.  It basically fueled the Third Reich (yes, look that up if you didn’t know.  Cocaine was given as a power boosting tablet during WWII and was one of the reasons that Germany did so well in the beginning of the war. Their army was literally hyped up on coke. It is also one reason why they started doing bad towards the end because many of their soldiers were suffering from withdrawals/addiction).  SECONDLY my brother and sister-n-law bought me the new Harry Potter book as a peace offering and he just dropped it off last week. I finished it in two days.  The format was a little lacking because the book is only available in the script version so there was an obvious lack of imagery and detail due to everything being dialogue.  With that being said, I hope Mrs. Rowling releases the bookishly book version because contrary to popular review I really enjoyed this new view point.  I don’t know how well it would translate into a movie but it fit well among the series while also bringing it’s own sha-bang. I’m not going to spill the beans and tell you what its about, but if you like HP then I think you should give it a shot.  If you’re questionable I’d say borrow it from someone because its not cheap and I don’t want you holding a grudge against me for “misleading” you.  Most people dislike the book because they are struggling with the change.  Look, this isn’t Dragonball Z and Bleach where the series continuously loops and almost restarts within the plot. At some point the show must go on. While some main factors of the first part of the series remain there are some new additions to the story.  In a way, Harry has had his time with virtually everything centering around him. So this is a bit refreshing.  It’s still about Harry, kinda BUT its…..hmmm..hard to say.  The way he is in this book doesn’t surprise me because of how his life played out in the other books.  But I support artists experimenting as a means of evolving.  That’s what art is. So yea. This was a long paragraph.  Cheers.


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