In Which I Need to Check my Email

I get so many spamular emails that I just really don’t even check my account anymore. Unless I’ve ordered something offline then…I check it everyday until my package ships. But remember how I said I entered a songwriting contest and didn’t win? Well…I didn’t win. BUT I was going through old emails and deleting them and found an email from the contest that was a week old. Turns out I was a semifinalist. You know how exciting that is?!?! For someone who is still an amateur songwriter this is so encouraging. I really wanted to win for obvious reasons (ya girl needs money for these braces…) but I kinda know that I’m not disciplined enough for the win. I wouldn’t know what to do if I were actually signed to be a writer. So I’m going continue practicing and try again. I’ve got another contest I’ve entered but the results don’t come until next year. But maybe one day I can play guitar well enough to actually add music to my lyrics.
That tis all….


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