In Which I Ask How

I was planning to do another political rant, but I decided against it. At least for today. I’ll bottle up all my rants, let them age like fine wine, and then pour them into the glasses of my unsuspecting followers.  Is this post related to politics? Eh….sorta. But just sorta. But on the plus side it will be quite short.

To those whose religious affiliation has put a target on their backs, has magnified the delicacy of their places of worship, has resulted in verbal and physical assault, what can I do to help?  Are there any trustworthy organizations (unlike Redcross) to donate to? And even more than donations, any advised action that I can take to help?  I usually spend much of my time wondering how the collective group of Christians can do better by our Muslim and Jewish counterparts, but I realized that I have to do my part before I can go spouting off about what everybody else can do. Because if I’m not doing my part, then flapping my gums is just me being a loud mouth hypocrite.

With that being said, I want to verbally (well this isn’t exactly verbal but you get my drift) state that I support the safety and freedom of those with Muslim and Jewish beliefs.  I understand that we have different religions and forms of worship, but I respect your beliefs.  I desire that you have no fear of someone harming you, insulting you, threatening you, etc.  And the fact that you have to even endure such, let alone survive in a society that embraces the violence against you, is beyond ridiculous.  I think it took the president far too long to respond to threats against Jewish people, and I can’t recall a single instance that he has responded to hatred against Muslims.  I do believe that he has refused to squash the budding Antisemitism that is rampant in his circle of followers, perhaps for fear of losing their support. His administration has said little of the Alt-Right movement which is overflowing with Antisemitism.  He has endorsed a culture that fears everyone who wears a head scarf and reads the Quran. Or who even “looks” like they are Muslim. His followers (and even some of his opposition because it would be a lie to deny the existence of Islamophobia in the left wing) blatantly ignore the fact that ISIS attacks Muslims far more than they attack non-Muslims.  They also insert violence into the Islam belief system though the Quran speaks against violence. Instead they group everyone in together, a tactic which could honestly be used with the Klan and Christianity if we want to be real with ourselves.  But I can’t change the reaction of the whole of my fellow Christian peers.  I can only offer my voice and whatever other resources are needed to be a help to those who are fearful, hurt, and angry.  I also don’t want to overstep my bounds by trying to the be the voice of Jewish/Muslim Americans since I am neither. I want to openly express disgust for the treatment you all receive, but I want to leave the platform to those who are directly impacted.  Because I’m just a extra in the movie. If I get to reading the whole script, while the lead actor stands in the back ground trying to speak over me, then I’m proving to be a poor ally. So I definitely don’t want to do that.

Again if anyone has suggestions on ways I can help, let me know. And if there is anything in my post that needs to be changed, then also feel free to let me know. As the old Baptists say, “Charge it to my head, not my heart.”

Remember when I said this would be short??? Yea…..I wrote that so long ago that you probably forgot…..


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