Bio: I'm not so great at writing about myself so I'm just going to list some random facts: I love to daydream. I love to read. I am the baby of the family. At different times of the year I sleep on the floor for no particular reason. I love anime (I really do. I literally cried when Darker than Black ended...am I too old for that???) Which reminds me, I'm 24 (so I probably am too old for that....) Anxiety is my childish neighbor who keeps stepping on my grass. I have a gap which I believe is the source of great mystical powers...not that I have any but you know...someone out there does... PS My blog is always open to comment or discussion. If you feel like crap, I feel like crap too. Feel free to tell me that you feel like crap so that I can say, "OHHHMERGOD I DO TOOOOOOOO!!!!! SOUL MATES!!!!"

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