Dream on, Kid

Fantasies of being someone else

is not really about the belief

the hope

that it is possible

this truth now fails to evade me

and I have made a sensible amount of peace with it

You see,

it actually boils down to that hour

that minute

those few seconds where I escape the madness of being myself

therein lies the cause of craving


Wait till the end

​In the abyss between grace and starvation

Black with complacency
Midnight Blue
Indecision, indecisions
All becomes poison in the hands of the unskilled
The naive
Trust ever elusive
Steady silence
Solid Emptiness
The glare of whiteness
of ivory
Heaven’s beckoning light
No, it is no longer as pure
No longer virgin born
Colored with deception
Baptized without repentance
Spring fourth from murky waters
Be ye clean
In thine hands
On thine helms
Of uncertainty
Always questioning
What’s for dinner?


There was something here even when there was nothing

Something not tangible

Not detectable

Not traceable

But here all along

Hidden in the darkness

With stealth

With purpose

Waiting to be found

Invisible to the naked eye

Always elusive

Forever escaping our grasp

That something begs that you hunt for it

Desires that you catch it midflight

Requires a chase



It is not easily found

Nor easily retained once acquired

Because nothing will always drive its force deeper in deeper within

And spread its empire until it has conquered every square inch

But that something thrives in the midst

Even when it has shrank to a fraction of its size and worth



Believing that you will grasp it and shield it from all else

Protect it

Grow it

And thrive alongside

Because something was here even when there was nothing

And you’ve just got to find it