In Which I Keep it Brief

As has been implied in my previous posts I am not a Trump supporter. I disagree with his character, his cabinet, his policies, his voters, I even disagree with the hair follicles on his scalp.  I do hope that he proves my negative outlook on him to be falsely based but so far he has not.  With that being said, I reiterate the extreme irritation I have with white evangelicals that hang on to his words like everything he quotes is scripture.  I really do. I dislike the way they continuously use the gospel as a means to keep us from protesting or speaking out.  They act as though we are not allowed to disagree with Trump just because he is our president. They shame us into silence by stating that God has placed Trump in the White House. Well I’m going to say something I hope you will forgive me (or not). Back a year or so ago, when the phenomena commonly known as the Blood Moon first appeared our pastor told us that usually this occurrence coincided with  a major shakeup in the bible. These shakeups were more often not all that great, for lack of better words. He then began to urge us to pray for the country, that we might receive mercy for drifting away from Christianity (which I have a double mind on since I partially disagree with the statement that America was founded on Christian principles since the Christians that “founded” America engaged in mass slaughter of Natives, racism, sexism, slavery, lynching, etc). With that said my assumption is that if God hand picked Trump to be over the United States then well….it’s not exactly for good purposes. Now I could be wrong so let me add that disclaimer in the mix. But in my most personal opinion, America just got what it asked for without God being involved at all. Because while we would like to say that God controls everything this simply is not true. If you go outside and shoot yourself in the foot, you’re going to blow your foot off. Not because it was God’s will, but because it was your choice. God isn’t going to magically deflect the bullet to spare you from your own ignorance. He’s going to have already instilled in you that aiming a gun at your foot and pulling the trigger is not the wise thing to do. So that’s that.

I said I would keep it brief so I’m going to round it up because I need to get back to Algebra.  But the reason why white evangelicals (and white people in general) identify so much with Trump’s rhetoric is because they feel as though they are losing their privilege and that’s an uncomfortable experience. For once in their lifetime they are glimpsing what it feels like to be on the outside looking in.  And all these years they have used their privilege (which they wholly deny, but if they want to know about facts that are not alternative then they could do research and see the benefits of being white in our world) and their bibles to bash us “lesser” beings into submission. So when I get on social media, a habit I am trying to break for my health, and I see long statuses about the spirit of the anti-Christ fueling protests and how God asks us to be compassionate (which let us recall that Jesus never silently stood by as the Pharisees tried to shut him up. It’s not that he lacked compassion, but that he wanted to call a spade a spade. If he did silently stand by then someone please let me know. That’s not me being sarcastic. I legitimately would like to know so I can correct my error) I think of how historically white Christians have been some of the LEAST accepting and compassionate people on this Earth. “Amber, that’s an exaggeration!” Not really. Key words were “some of the…” which is me giving the benefit of the doubt. Because the bible has been used to justify violent colonization, slavery, racism, mass murder, sexism, lynching, blatant hatred, etc. Basically everything I stated in the first paragraph. And I truly wonder deep down in my heart of hearts how many people will not make it into Heaven because white Christians have had such a negative impact on the gospel. Because black people still believe that Christianity is the white man’s religion and refuse to believe in Christ. When honestly Christianity is for anyone who accepts it. And Christianity did not start with violent white men. It started with a Jewish carpenter named Jesus who died so that we could be free. And the white men who read all about Jesus and Paul and God ignored everything it said about equality and love. And they took advantage of illiteracy and spun some tales because they knew that the people they were using their bibles against could never read to know for themselves. And they manipulated scripture (because frankly there are bible verses that can give you the shifty eye) to justify their hateful behavior.  And that just really upsets me. People may think I have an issue with Christianity but I don’t. I have an issue with Christians who refuse to do what’s right and stand up for what’s right. Because frankly you can stand out there with your signs like Westboro baptist (which actually protested Trump and if that isn’t a sign…) and you can lie, endorse lies, and try to condemn people with different beliefs, but what of it if you don’t stand up for the little man? What of it if you ignore that frankly EVERYONE, but white cis men (and some white cis women) is afraid? And even more so ignore the fact that that feeling you’re getting (which is kinda imaginary in your case) is the literal feeling that we have felt for years. We’ve been the ostracized. And it is a daily battle to be a Christian in a marginalized group because it seems like everything is against you and you wonder how God can exist when you’re suffering.  And you try to remind yourself that we suffer not because of God but because of people. And then you have to remind yourself that you’ve got to love them. And that’s a damn hard job.

I didn’t keep it brief and for that I apologize. But I honestly did try. If I offend someone with this post then so be it. Most of my life I’ve been one to bottle my feelings to prevent someone else from being hurt. And I’ve also sat idly by while white people (other groups as well because anti-blackness is worldwide) ignored us when we spoke about how we felt. Or they called it whining, an insult to us who just want to be heard.  And its not fair. And I’m not about to spend the rest of my life stuffing my feelings down to spare people who most often could give less than a damn about mine. Sorry not sorry.


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